Traveling and Investing In Historic Northern Mallorca Property

“Kathleen, I’m enjoying reading your essays from Portugal. It’s seven years since I last visited. The beaches always reminded me of some of my local ones in Ireland… but with the advantage of good weather. Funny, I’ve stayed in Albufeira twice and never fought with any other tourists! We went in October, though, so it was quieter. The good weather does stretch right into late October, which is another good selling point. I never made it to Lagos but always heard good things about it. I hope your property hunt goes well.

“Meantime, I’ve been researching our own vacation destination in Northern Mallorca. The place we’re going, Puerto Pollensa, has a history that extends back to the Romans and beyond. It had its own university (yes, on the Balearic Islands) until the Black Death struck and it became just a regular medieval village. Agatha Christie stayed here in the 1930s, before it became a hit with the tourists. She was inspired to write one of her short stories here.

“My early research shows some affordable apartment prices, too. Thought other readers might like to know about Northern Mallorca, as well…”

–Lynn M., Ireland

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