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“Kathleen, my wife and I are contemplating a trip to Panama for a possible retirement residence. Our problem is that we would like some contacts that would be willing to spend time with us to educate us so we could make a reasonable decision. Unfortunately we are not rich. Can you help us?”

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This is why we host conferences, and I strongly recommend that you think about joining us for one. These events are a chance to speak in person with everyone you’d need to know to make a decision as to whether Panama is for you…and then to organize the move.

All speakers, experts, and expats at our event, including Lief and me, are happy to sit down with attendees to speak one-on-one. It’s really the most efficient and cost-effective way to get personal advice from people with firsthand experience.

As your interest is Panama, you could join us in Scottsdale, Arizona, at the end of this month for our Retire Overseas Conference, which will feature 20 of the world’s top retirement havens, including Panama…or you could join us in Panama City for our next Live & Invest in Panama Conference, taking place July 11-13 at the RIU Plaza Panama hotel. I’ll hope to meet you in one city or the other!


“Kathleen, as an old (school) guy, I feel awkward with this greeting. I have been a subscriber of one of your competitors for years. I was referred to your site by a soon-to-be U.S. expat who is developing a home site community and marina near Bocas Del Toro.

“After years of reading, and, most important, your advice, what could have ended up being a ‘cluster,’ as I first feared, has turned out to be the greatest time of my wife and my 20-year marriage.

“It may seem small to you, in all that you do, with all the bigger things you post about, but, in my case, it was a little tidbit that made the difference. You probably don’t remember, but, some time ago, you wrote about how it’s almost impossible to find a reliable map in some parts of the world…that the best maps lie. That was all the information I needed to avert disaster and have a grand adventure.

“I compliment you on your style of work and am very happy to have found you.

“Keep up the good work. I wish you all the success I feel you deserve.

“I will see you someday in Panama. My dream for my wife and me.”

–Ted H., United States

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