Turn-key Agricultural Investment For Small Investors In Brazil

“Kathleen, my wife and I are eight years from retirement. We are looking for a location outside of the United States where the temperature ranges from 40 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit, where there is ‘Old World’ ambiance, that is close to international airport, that is a city with urban events, and where speaking only English is not a handicap.

“Got any ideas?”

–Don C., United States

Montevideo, Uruguay.


“Kathleen, I really enjoy your daily letter. You are doing a great job, and a lot of the information is invaluable. As a U.S. citizen having lived in Europe most of my adult life (Germany, France, Italy, Sweden, and Holland), I can relate to so many things you write about.

“Concerning the investment in coconuts in Brazil that you and Lief have written about, I have a question. How easy is it to take the profits out of Brazil? Is this straightforward? Are there particular bureaucratic hurdles to clear?”

–Bob S., France

Yes, there are some bureaucratic hurdles associated with moving money in and out of Brazil, but, in the case of the coconut plantation investment we’ve written about (and that we have invested in ourselves), the developers have taken steps in how they’ve structured things to minimize them. They will send your net profits from the investment wherever you’d like. They take care of all in-Brazil tax issues, as well. This is as close to a truly turn-key investment for the small investor interested in taking a position in Brazil as we’ve been able to find.

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