Unretirement In Paris, France

“Kathleen, I thoroughly enjoyed your article on unretirement. What a great way to consider and describe that lifestyle.

“Not only that, but you made me want to visit Paris for the first time in my life. I have been on the planet for a while and even had the opportunity to visit Paris when a brother of mine was living there. But I chose to let it pass. I guess it was just not the right time. But in your article I got caught up in the daily journeys that you and your family took, and your descriptions of your meals made me hungry.

“I thoroughly enjoyed reading about the vast differences in the lifestyles you lived in Paris and in Panama. The most valuable bit of information was that you could pick up and move from one place to another as you chose. For some reason, I recently felt that I was stuck where I am currently living. No way!

“Kathleen, I hope that you will continue to be a great resource to the world as you have been by sharing information that can make a major difference in our lives.

“On behalf of all of us who have been encouraged, motivated, or awakened by your offerings, thank you for helping to make unretirement much better than expected.”

–Brenda Z., Belize

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