U.S. Expatriation

“Kathleen, I noticed a couple of articles recently about the expatriation from the United States of dual citizens of Canada and the U.S. You can read them here and here.

“You said it was going to happen with Americans in Panama and elsewhere, but I didn’t even consider the million U.S. citizens living in Canada.

“Thanks for writing the excellent e-mails and articles.”

–John B., United States


“Kathleen, I am interested in living costs in Mendoza, Argentina, right now, end of 2011. I have lived in Santiago and want more reasonable costs than Chile. However, I know, as you do, that cost comparisons are impossible to make as the cost of everything changes constantly. In Latin America, especially Chile, Argentina, Brazil, and Uruguay, prices and costs of living are skyrocketing.

“Can you tell me, what is the cost of living today in Mendoza? I lived there in 2008 and am considering returning.

“Has Mendoza shot up in price, too, like Buenos Aires?”

–Susan S., United States

Correspondent Paul Terhorst, perpetual traveler and sometime resident of Argentina, replies:

“Figure that dollar prices in Mendoza have roughly doubled since you were there in 2008. The exchange rate has stayed pretty much unchanged, with peso prices up well over 100%.

“Argentine costs in dollars these days double roughly every three years.”

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