U.S. Versus Canadian Tax Obligations Living Overseas

“Kathleen, I love reading your newsletters and think they’re the best, but I am Canadian. Can you help me or direct me to another source for information?”

–Pauline B., Canada

No need to look elsewhere, my dear Canadian reader. The information we publish is as relevant for you as it is for American and all other readers.

The only information that is not worth your time is that related to taxes. We take the perspective of the American abroad when reporting on tax issues, as the American abroad needs a lot of help dealing with his U.S. tax and reporting requirements and obligations. As a Canadian, you have nothing like the same worries!

“Kathleen, I am a Canadian living in Canada how about my tax laws. Can you help?”

–Mike W., Canada

Canada doesn’t tax its citizens if they are no longer resident in Canada. You have to do a few things to show you are no longer resident in Canada. That done, once a Canadian moves overseas, your only potential tax obligation is in the country of residence.

Unlike for an American.

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