Using A Belize IBC To Hold Property Investments In Panama And Colombia

“Kathleen, for whatever it’s worth, you and your husband have some credit for my currently residing in Panama (with a Panamanian cedula) and moving my IRA money to a Belizean IBC. I am now interested in investing in Colombia, particularly Medellín, as you have recently highlighted.

“My question (which I hope is of broad enough interest to be worth publishing the answer) is: Are there any problems buying property in Colombia (or other countries for that matter) via a Belizean IBC? I have been told there is not a problem from the Belize side. However, when I looked into buying in Panama the answer was, ‘yes, it is possible, but…’

“It turned out that the time and expense of pursuing that option made it not feasible. I am hoping Colombia will be different.”

–Mark P., United States

You can use a foreign entity to hold property in Colombia without any hassles.

You can also hold property in Panama with a foreign entity without any hassles. Many Panamanian attorneys that I’ve spoken with think you have to register the foreign company in Panama, which is indeed an expense and hassle. However, it’s not correct and not the case. You do not have to register the foreign company to hold property in Panama.

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