Using VPNs To Access The Internet

“Kathleen, I enjoy your newsletters. You recently commented on VPNs. In Penonome, Panama, where I am currently living, I don’t have a TV, so all my information comes via my computer. I have a different VPN provider (there are many) and find it invaluable to log into banks, credit card providers, etc.

“I recently discovered that Hulu is now blocking access via VPN, stating that they cannot allow access when IP address is being masked. They block access from both computer and tablet. They state their contracts with their content providers will not allow international access. They even block me when I am actually in the United States and using my VPN for security. I have had an email exchange about this, and it is clear that they do not want my business if I am compelled to use a VPN. I have not checked Netflix but guess they will also block if not doing so now.

“Ironically, when I access TV network sites directly with my VPN, they stream the same programs, with just a few more ads.

“Living overseas is an adventure.”

–Ric W., Panama

Netflix is available in Panama so no need for the VPN, but using the VPN will get you different content on Netflix than going through a Panama IP address.

I think more content providers will start doing what Hulu is doing—that is, blocking VPNs from their service. It’s an ever-changing game.

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