Vineyard Investment In Mendoza, Argentina

“Kathleen, with regard to the vineyard topic in Argentina that you’ve written about recently, Mendoza is a nice city according to my girlfriend (who is Argie). The scenery is spectacular, but there isn’t much to do in the campo.

“The main problem at the moment is money regulation, so you have great difficulty moving money out of Argentina should the need arise. Bring in by any means apart from US$10,000 in cash per person is converted to pesos at the official rate around 4.8, whereas the blue rate is around 6.3. Big difference on US$100,000.

“Cristina is trying to get people from using dollars in the property business and no one wants the peso, so exchanging them is not good business. Along with inflation, about 25% to 30%, the vista isn’t as rosy as it once was…”

–Daniel C., United States

Argentina is an always changing landscape, which is part of its charm. The Argentines are used to having to figure out loopholes to live their lives as they want…and they do. We have many friends in Argentina and have watched them organize their lives to be minimally effected by the currency fluctuations.

In the case of the Mendoza vineyard opportunity we’ve written about recently, the developer is pricing in dollars, not pesos, so you don’t have to worry about the black market exchange rate.

Obviously, Argentina isn’t right for everyone right now. It’s for people who want to enjoy the great and unique lifestyle available in that country and who aren’t put off by the politics and currency issues (understanding, again, that it’s always possible to work around them).


“Kathleen, many thanks for your various communications. It is my objective to relocate to either Panama or Colombia depending on business situations!

“Meantime, Merry Christmas and prosperous New Year. Cheers.”

–Jim P., United States

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