Virtual IP For U.S. Websites Overseas

“Kathleen, in doing my due diligence for moving overseas I have come across some comments that indicate that, when you move to another country, in order to access a website back in the United States, you must buy a new IP address so that your computer will be recognized by U.S. sites. Just wanted to know if that is true or not?”

–Nanette W., United States

No, it’s not true. Living in another country, you don’t generally have to have a U.S. IP to access U.S. Internet sites. You’ll be able to access almost all sites anywhere in the world from anywhere in the world.

That said, some particular websites you may want to access do require you to have a U.S. IP address…such as your bank’s website for managing certain transactions and Netflix. For these particular things, you’ll need a virtual IP address, which you can get from a virtual IP service for less than US$10 a month. More information here.


“The legalities regarding offshore assets are, at least for me, confusing and of great concern. I want to go offshore with my assets but am loath to run afoul of the IRS. If I’m not the only one, and you’re getting e-mails like this from other subscribers, I wonder if you would consider an onshore seminar about offshoring assets featuring your legal contacts and advisors. I mean where each has more than an hour each to present…”

–Bill S., United States

In fact, no, we couldn’t really be able to put together the kind of event you’re describing onshore (that is, in the United States). Most professionals in the offshore banking, investing, and tax fields are reluctant to speak publically on U.S. soil. To do so means worrying about and complying with restrictions and requirements put in place by U.S. regulatory agencies.

Nothing we or they talk about runs afoul of U.S. law in any way. Still, it’s easier not to have to worry about the regulators and their regulations when having these discussions.

That’s why we’re planning just the kind of intensive going offshore program you’re suggesting…but not in the United States. It’s called our Wealth Retreat, and it will take place in Panama in April. We’re finalizing the logistics now and will be able to share details of the program with you later this week. Check out our Offshore Living Letter for more information on this topic.

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