Vonage Service In Uruguay

“Kathleen, we met at your conference in Orlando. You told me that you used Vonage as a phone service and really liked it. I tried to get an account, but the cost for the Vonage World Premium plan, the only one including Uruguay, where I’m planning to move, was US$59/month plus taxes, or about US$72 (Florida taxes are high).

“If you don’t mind my asking, what plan do you use and what are you being charged? I think that from the States the services might not be the same.

“Probably this Christmas while in Uruguay preparing for my move, I will just buy a pay-as-you-go phone for use there.

“Take care wherever you are and keep up the good job.”

–Barbara L., United States

You don’t need Vonage for phone service in Uruguay. A local pay-as-you-go cell phone is a much better idea for in-country calls. The reason to have Vonage (or a similar VOIP service) is to be able to make international calls, including calls back to the United States, for very little cost and to make it possible for friends and family from around the world to be able to make low-cost calls to you.

In other words, unless you plan to be making phone calls often to other countries beyond the United States and Uruguay, all you need is a U.S. plan on Vonage and your Uruguay cell phone.