Volunteering in Panama…

“Kathleen, I am one of your many loyal readers. I just saw this story and wanted to share it with you. Perhaps you can reprint it or link to it to share it with your other readers: Breaking the Cycle of Poverty.”

— Tony D., United States

I know this program well, as Hildegard Vasquez, the woman behind it, is a good friend. Thank you for giving me this opportunity to promote Hildegard’s great works in Casco Viejo, my favorite Panama City neighborhood (and my family’s current home).

Our neighbors in Casco Viejo are among Panama’s poorest citizens. Hildegard’s CAPTA program focuses on young single mothers in this area and trains them for jobs in the hospitality industry. I’ve signed on as a volunteer.


“It’s not the beauty that counts. It’s the political atmosphere and internal problems, and these are the reasons why I am not interested to live in Panama.”

— Sheldon P., United States

Maybe you’re confusing Panama with someplace else? Panama’s the little squiggle of a country connecting North to South America. It’s one of the most stable nations in all Latin America, politically and economically, with a seriously pro-business president who is aggressively continuing the country’s long-standing agenda to improve its already excellent infrastructure and to make itself even more business-, investor-, and foreign retiree-friendly.

I’m not sure what “internal problems” you could be referring to. Panama has fewer “internal problems” than most countries these days, including the United States…