Waterford Irish Crystal

“There’s a bit of a story with the bauble,” Ireland Correspondent Lynn Mulvihill wrote overnight in response to my thank-you note for the Christmas gift she’d sent us from Waterford.

“The piece of ‘Waterford crystal’ I sent you is from a small company that has risen from the ashes of Waterford Crystal. The three guys involved in Irish Handmade Glass (bad name, we all think) are all ex-factory workers, skilled in their craft but not so knowledgeable on the market. My dad, also a former Waterford Crystal employee (though management, not craft), and a friend have been helping them with sales and marketing and got them stocked in the Kilkenny Shop in Dublin and a few others. It’s still early days, but they’re doing okay. They make some nice pieces. They specialize in color glass, which is popular now, I’m told.

“It’s a great source of entertainment in my family, because we love hearing of their progress…and the stories that come from their studio/shop. They don’t take kindly to advice. But I do like to give them a little business and wanted to send a true piece of Waterford to Panama for your tree…”

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