Wealth Tax In Spain

“Kathleen, when you are talking about Spain, you really should make it clear that in January 2013 Spain instituted a program of worldwide asset reporting, a prelude to a wealth tax. Many Brits, who had lived there for years, are packing up and moving out, which will further depress prices and make for an inhospitable retirement climate.

“Spain will not have much success in this, and it certainly made me look elsewhere for retirement.”

–Linden L., United Kingdom


“Kathleen, I have been a traveler all my life, being my parents were unique. My father was American of German descent, and my mother is of Scottish/Italian descent born in Cali, Colombia. I have been all over South America but especially Colombia. As a matter of fact my wife is from Bogota.

“We read your newsletter all the time about Medellin. My wife wants to know why you have no one on the ground in and around Bogota? I see real estate opportunities there all the time, and it has similar malls and upscale neighborhoods worth knowing about. Not to mention the many colonial towns in and not far from the capital.

“When we eventually get established in Colombia we plan to keep our place in Florida/Miami area and go back and forth as we please. When we are in the capital one day we will e-mail you things of use for your newsletter. As I said before, Bogota is overlooked in many ways.”

–Ernest P., United States

Thank you for taking time to write in, and we hope you will, indeed, send more information on opportunities in Bogota. We agree. It’s another interesting and appealing choice in Colombia and one that we will highlight at our upcoming Live and Invest in Colombia Conference. More details on the program we’re planning for this event are here.

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