What Is The Climate Of Belize?

“Kathleen, I have been thinking of signing up for your Belize conference but am hesitating because of the results of my research as to weather in Belize. While I enjoy visiting the beach for several days at a time, I prefer to make my home at higher elevations where cool weather is the norm.

“In researching elevations in Belize, it would appear that even in the Cayo you are still at a relatively low elevation. It would appear then that no matter where you are in Belize, you would be living in a rather hot tropical environment, which would eliminate that country from my consideration.

“Am I fairly on track here with my research?”

–Bill N., United States

Yes. Belize is not a cool-weather choice. The temperatures in Belize range from 50 to 95 degrees Fahrenheit, with an annual mean of 79 degrees Fahrenheit.

November through January are the coolest months, when the average temperature is 75; May to September are the warmest months, when the average temp is about 81. The Cayo can be several degrees cooler than along the coast, and, in November, nighttime temperatures in this part of the country can fall as low as 46 degrees Fahrenheit, but this doesn’t happen often.

If you want cooler weather year-round, Belize is probably not for you.

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