What Is The Political Situation In Belize?

“Kathleen, we are interested in registering for your upcoming Live & Invest in Belize Conference. However, first, we have a question. What is the political situation in that country? How much would it interfere with foreigners living there?”

— — Ralph A., United States

The political situation in Belize is one of the best things about the country.

This is a peaceful, completely stable nation. Belizeans don’t like to argue or fight…not individually and not as a nation.

The government, too, is as good as it gets–that is, it stays out of your business and causes little trouble for anyone (other than the typical bureaucracy and red tape that you expect anywhere in this part of the world).

Belizeans are a fiercely independent sort. They don’t like to be told what to do, not by anyone, including any government. This makes for a wonderfully government intervention-free society.

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