Where And How To Buy Property In France

“Kathleen, in a recent mailbag one of your readers expressed his frustration about trying to buy a place in France. Investing in France may be, in some cases, or may not be, in some other cases, worthwhile to consider. The more expensive the property, the higher the government taxes, which implies that many wealthy owners are leaving France and/or putting up their property for sale. Which allows one to make some very interesting investments at bargain prices.

“The lower the cost, I would say anything under 350,000 euro, the more difficult it is to get a bargain because those sellers do not have ample cash and look forward to get as much cash as possible in order to buy another property and reduce their own bank loans. And bank loans have become very difficult nowadays in France under its current left-wing government.

“So, depending on your cash budget, as a buyer you could be in a seller’s market or in a buyer’s market. And find yourself in the opposite situation when you plan to sell. The Paris area has the most stable prices with an upward trend due to heavy demand. It is also the most expensive part of France.

“My only advice is to take your time, do not buy in a hurry. Do not hesitate to meet with as many agents as possible and keep on telling them over and over again what you want and what you do not want.

“One area which I personally like is inwards within the range 15 to 100 kilometers from the Mediterranean coastline. The more inland, the lower the price. You may be able to find exquisite homes with a swimming pool, a good climate, and a gorgeous panoramic view for some 250,000 euro.”

–André S., Switzerland

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