Where To Buy A Live Christmas Tree In Panama City, Panama

“Kathleen, where did you buy your Christmas tree in Panama City that came from Canada? You wrote about this last year. Do you remember where this place is exactly? I remember you saying it was on Via Brazil. Can you give me a little more guidance?”

–Alex G., Panama, attendee at last week’s Offshore Summit in Panama City

I called the number below and they said that they are expecting their trees the first week of December, but they couldn’t tell me the exact day.

You’re thinking of Tzanetatos, which, yes, is where we have bought our live Christmas tree every year we’ve been living in Panama City. Tzanetatos is off Via Brazil, on Calle El Paical. The telephone number is (507)260-0595.

We called to check, and they confirmed that, yes, they’ll be receiving their usual shipment of trees from Canada this year. The trees are expected to arrive the first week of December, though they can’t yet say which day exactly.

You should call every day starting Dec. 1 to ask if the trees have arrived yet. When they do, they sell out quickly…and there’s no second shipment!

Maybe we’ll run into you there among the pines.

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