Where To Incorporate And Open A Bank Account Offshore

“Kathleen, in your newsletter’s article ‘Bastille Day‘ dated July 13, there are a couple of rather glaring errors. The name of the current president of the French Republic is spelled ‘Hollande’ (not Holland). And the words of the famous cry of the French Revolution, associated with this French National Day, are quoted out of order. They are correctly: ‘Liberte, Egalite, Fraternite.’ I do recognize their emphasis relating to ‘Egalite.’ However…”

–John W., United Kingdom



“Kathleen, first, thanks for an amazing product line. I’ve purchased a book and a newsletter subscription so far and read with interest all the incoming messages about your other new products, events, premium packages, etc. In fact, I’m so blessed with abundance that I’m weary from all of it!


“Look, I’m worried about what is going on in the United States, and I want to know where and how to incorporate and open a bank account. I don’t want to have to purchase one or two thousand dollars’ worth of ‘drip’ items to get there. Is there a solution for someone like me?

“Thanks from an appreciative and loyal customer.”

–Tim M., United States

The best resource for you would be our Simon Letter, which is focused on opportunities for taking your life and your assets offshore and diversifying internationally. The cost is nothing like a thousand dollars. A one-year subscription is US$79 and would bring you enough information and recommendations to help you accomplish what you’re describing.

Short of that, knowing nothing about your personal situation, here’s my no-cost advice:

You may not need an offshore corporation. Not everyone does. Be sure you understand your objectives big-picture before you make the determination one way or the other.

Most everyone, though, can benefit from a bank account in another country, which can provide some basic diversification. One of the easiest places for an American to open a foreign bank account right now is Belize. You can do this without visiting Belize if you’d like. More information here.