Where To Retire On A Budget Of US$2,200 Per Month

“Kathleen, I have been sorting through the emails I’ve received from you, and I think I am ready to proceed. As you stated in a recent e-mail, I just need to trust myself.

“How would a US$2,213.17/month retirement income do overseas? Specifically, I’m thinking of Medellin, Colombia.”

–Ray B., United States

On a budget of US$2,200 per month, you could retire comfortably and well most anywhere in Latin America (including, yes, Medellin) or Asia. As our contributing correspondent today notes above, you could also retire to many places in Europe. Indeed, on that budget, you could retire to any of the 21 destinations we’ll be showcasing at our Third Annual Retire Overseas Conference in San Antonio later this year.

In other words, you’re good to go. As you suggest, all you need to do now is to trust yourself and take the plunge. Bon voyage.

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