Where To Retire Overseas With An Internet Business

“Kathleen, 2014 is the year! High-speed internet is the question? Where?

“Had years of problems while living in Mexico. Same problem in Canada (not in a big city).

“Choices…Ecuador, Panama, or Costa Rica, for half of the year; other half likely Ireland or Spain. An Ecuadorian friend who has family in various businesses in Ecuador tells me high-speed is difficult in that country with the exception of big hotels. I prefer not to live in cities.

“How can I get insight into this situation?

“A number of recommendations are made on your site regarding internet businesses. I have my own internet business. Where should I be looking to relocate with it?”

–Wendy L., United States

Panama would be the best place both for internet business and tax burden. The best place in this country to base a business is Panama City; however, if you don’t want city living, you could look into satellite internet service in much of the rest of the country, but that generally isn’t cheap.

The complementary European destination I’d recommend would be Ireland. Spain isn’t tax-friendly.

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