Why Costa Rica Is No Longer A Top Retirement Haven

“Kathleen, last month you were high on Costa Rica. This month it seems your mind has changed, as it is NOT included on your recent list of top retirement destinations.

“Can you tell me why? The waffling of places to go makes us nervous, especially as we have been considering selling everything and moving to Costa Rica, on your recommendation. We simply cannot do so if the landscape changes drastically from month to month.”

–Ruthanne K., Canada

I fear you’re confusing me with someone else. I haven’t recommended Costa Rica as a top choice for several years. You can read why here.

I’m glad you wrote in, though, because your question speaks to a couple of very important points.

First, while I’m very happy that you respect my option and take seriously my recommendations, my primary piece of advice for anyone considering a move to another country is to make it for your own reasons. And to base those reasons on a personal visit to the place. I’ll continue to make suggestions and to try to help you distinguish, compare, and contrast your options. However, ultimately, you’ve got to make up your own mind, based on your own personal experience. I don’t think Costa Rica makes sense right now for several reasons, and, personally, I don’t like to spend time in the country. That is not to say, though, that you wouldn’t like it there.

Here’s another thing to keep in mind as you continue your research and planning on this front: The landscape does change. Not month to month, but over time. Any place you choose could be ideal for you today but less so years down the road.

One of the most important things for anyone considering a move to another country to possess is an open mind.

Don’t worry. The reality of this is not nearly as scary as that insight might suggest. Yes, things change. Everywhere. All the time. Look at how things have been changing in the United States in recent years. We watch as the reality of Panama City is changing before our eyes right now. We lived in Celtic Tiger Ireland. Today’s Bust Ireland is a very different place. Etc.

Don’t let any of that frighten you. Make your choice for your own reasons. Savor the adventure that choice leads to. And don’t count out the possibility that you may decide to make another choice sometime down the line.

Here’s one secret to all this: The second move is easier than the first.

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