Why Istanbul Is A Top Overseas Retirement Choice


“Kathleen, just a suggestion: I think it might be beneficial to always include the dates when you send out advertisements for your conferences. For example, I just received something for your 2014 Global Asset Protection and Wealth Summit, but the date isn’t there! At least not where I can easily find it.

“When I see your conference advertisements, my brain always starts wondering if this particular conference might be a suitable time for me, and should I read any further. And this has a lot to do with the dates.”

–Colleen C., United States

Point taken. Hope to see you at Lief’s Wealth Summit (which is taking place Oct. 22–24)!


“First, I just viewed the new LIOS video—fabulous! Really does justice to Kathleen as an icon of living and investing overseas…and it does so with simplicity and in Kathleen’s easy-to-listen-to and reassuring tone.

“Second, I really wanted to comment on how exciting the Istanbul trip sounds. Having traveled in Turkey a few times and lived and worked in Istanbul for two years (including experiencing the big 1999 earthquake there and a subsequent school construction project for earthquake victims), I really enjoyed reading some of the highlights of Kathleen’s visit. It is truly an amazing country. I was also interested in learning that Istanbul seems to have replaced Beirut as the Paris of the East. (Ironically, I worked in Beirut for two years following the two years in Istanbul.)

“Istanbul truly is a wonderful place to live. I was blown away by the history, the culture, the very unique language, the people, and their resilience to adversity and tragedy. How exciting that it is a LIOS destination candidate.”

–Carol Z., United States

“Kathleen, so great to see the actual workings of your office in the new video. Lends a credibility that means a lot to me. I’ll be your neighbor soon. Arriving in Panama City via Copa July 26. Hope to visit your office someday. It has meant a lot to me…changing my life…”

–Cindy C., United States

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