Why Not The Dominican Republic?

“Kathleen, on your list of The World’s 21 Best Cities for Retirement, where is the Dominican Republic?

“The Las Terrenas/Coson area is the hottest real estate market in the Caribbean. The peninsula house hotel located in Coson is ranked one of the best hotels in the world. Six Senses just announced their large new project in Coson. Colinas de Coson a new 5-star condo/hotel project just broke ground. Sublime has been open in Coson for a year. New airport just 15 minutes from Las Terrenas added new non-stop flights to JFK on JetBlue twice a week. Las Terrenas Country Club to open in one year has great new golf course. Las Terrenas has some of the best restaurants on the island.

“Plus, the DR added new rules for investors, making it easier to get residence.

“I think you missed the boat.”

–Joanna L., United States

We like the Dominican Republic, too.

The trouble with a list of the world’s 21 best retirement spots is that it’s limited to 21 places. If we were to expand the list, even a little, the DR likely would be on it.

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