Why The Philippines Is One Of The World’s Top Retirement And Investment Havens


“Kathleen, I really enjoy your information. I bought property on Ambergris Caye 20 years ago thanks to your recommendation. Good decision.

“I’m surprised now you don’t have the Philippines on your top 20 list. Cebu is great! It has everything! It’s very affordable (cheap), they speak English, very friendly people, beaches, mountains, malls, all kinds of food (cheap), good health care (cheap). It’s perfect for the expat. Keep up the good work!”

–Terry T., United States

We agree. That’s why the Philippines is on our list. Take a look.

You can read more about Cebu, specifically, here.


“Kathleen, I’ve been reading your stuff since before you left Baltimore. Your courage to break from your former association and go out on your own is commendable. And it’s great to see the success you’ve had as a result.”

–Keith D., United States

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