Why U.S. Airport Screening And Security

“Kathleen, I just had to comment on a recent letter-to-the-editor that you published…the one where the guy wrote to say:

“‘I am baffled by how you and others describe the airport experience in the United States. In your recent article, you actually use the terms ‘excruciating’ and ‘horror stories.’ Why? I just don’t see it. I travel extensively throughout the United States and have for many years. Sure, occasionally, long lines. But I plan for that. But I never find the process invasive, difficult, demeaning…it is just a process. Body scanners are quick, simple, and painless (and for the life of me cannot see why anyone would find them embarrassing). The questions are predictable. And since I follow their simple rules, I never have a problem…’

“The difference in opinion between you and this reader is interesting. I find that if you travel frequently in the United States, you start to become immune to what I think, like you, is an excruciating process. In my extensive travels outside the States, it’s a significantly different experience when going through airport screening. I leave my belt on, leave my shoes on, my laptop stays in its case, and I don’t worry about liquids.

“So when I go to the United States, it’s doubly annoying, due to the contrast with other countries.

“As to why some people are embarrassed, it’s because some find the new U.S. technology too intrusive and revealing. Just have a look at this article from CBS News, which gives a good example of why. The link is legit…”

–Lee Harrison, Latin America Correspondent

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