Why We Don’t Recommend Costa Rica

Kathleen, I totally agree with your point of view. Before the next decade is out, I am hoping to get a condo in Luzhou, China, where I can sit on my balcony and watch the boats go back and forth, while enjoying my gin and tonic.

“Your words inspire.

“P.S. I’ll be 78 this July!”

–Richard C., United States


Kathleen, your comments on Costa Rica are dead on. I’ve just spent six months there finishing up a high-rise condo project started five years ago.

“Traffic is so bad in San Jose that car owners are restricted to driving only three days during the week, based on their plate numbers.

“Even if they fix the roads, the fixes usually only last about 60 days. Plus, in the areas with concentrations of expats, there are no local voters, so the government figures why put money in areas that will not help their political careers? And, anyway, everyone here assumes that the ‘rich’ foreigners can pay for road repairs themselves.

“Most Ticos care little about work since the government takes care of them, so the work ethic and production levels are marginal at best. For my condo project, 95% of our labor force was imported from Nicaragua.

“My expectation and that of many expats who have been here for years is that, in our lifetime, we could see Costa Rica go the way of Haiti.”

–Dan M., Costa Rica