Widow Overseas?

“I’ve been reading your information for a long time. Unfortunately, I’m now a widow and have lost some of my former trust in making a move like this alone. Are their others, male or female, in the same situation whom I could partner with? It would be great to make a connection and chat with someone about this.”

–Marty, United States

We’ve received many hundreds of e-mails from single women all over the world asking the same thing, which proves that you are in good company.

Kathleen has written on the subject in the past, collected a few testimonials from brave ladies who have made the leap already, and tried to answer a few ladies’ specific questions to offer them some fitting destinations, according to their situations and desires. You can browse a few of these articles here:

In addition, you may ask questions and try to connect with other like-minded people on our Facebook page. This has become a forum of current and soon-to-be expats and could be a great forum for you.

Of course, there is no single destination that is going to be perfect for every single woman. However, all of the destinations we recommend are safe, and any of them could be a good option for a single adventuress. Just always be sure to keep your wits about you. As a single woman, you would be in just as much danger in L.A. or New York as you would be in Paris, France, Cuenca, Ecuador or Panama City, Panama.