Women In Colombia

“Kathleen, I am extremely interested in retiring to Panama and marrying a pretty Panama lady. I am 61 and have a good pension after working for 42 years. I saw the average temperature of Panama City of over 90 degrees and rainfall of 75 inches a year. I couldn’t live there. Any suggestions?”

–Bruce F., United States

Yes. Consider Medellin. The selection of lovely ladies is great, and the weather is better.


“Hello, Kathleen and Lief! Thank you for the photos and story related to Don Eduardo Zapata in Colombia.

Great photo of you two on the veranda, looking like two older college students; incredible to believe all your brain power, energy, experiences, enthusiasms, etc. Lovely photo!

“I have been receiving your e-mails for a long while, and I apologize for not raving before. I am retired, 77, did not plan, and now I am living in downtown Ensenada, Baja, and enjoying myself, on US$1,100/month.

“Tomorrow I am going to San Felipe, Baja, with my old friend Jane (another dynamo), 87, who is building a house there.

“Best wishes!”

–Lino S., Mexico

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