10 Interesting Facts About Colombia


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This is the series in which each week you can read ten facts about one of our destination. This week we have beautiful Colombia.

Here are ten facts about Colombia

1. You’re less likely to be kidnapped in the country’s capital city, Bogota, than you are to be eaten by a shark in Australia. You wouldn’t turn down a trip to Australia because of sharks would you? The FARC recently signed a treaty to bring an end to their kidnapping tactics, which mainly targeted the Colombian police and military in the first place.

2. Colombia has the second highest level of biodiversity in the world after Brazil. While the country only covers 0.8% of the world’s surface it manages to be house to over 10% of the planet’s biodiversity.

3. 12% of the world’s supply of coffee comes from Colombia, which provides 20% of the government’s revenue. Only Brazil and Vietnam export more coffee.

4. Bogotá has the most widespread system of cycle routes out of every city in Latin America and almost the world.

5. Colombian women are often voted the most beautiful in the world. It’s little surprise with famous celebrities such as Sofía Vergara, Shakira, and Danna García flying the flag. No wonder Colombia is one of the happiest countries in the world according to the World’s Happiest Index.

6. However, Colombian women did not have the right to vote until 1975.

7. If you want to pick up Spanish then Colombia is probably the best country to do it. Colombians speak the clearest Spanish with the lightest accents, especially in Bogota. This is why many Spanish speaking call centers are based in the capital.

8. The FARC was founded in 1964. Adopting an anti-U.S. and Marxist ideology. The group attracts the overwhelming majority of its members from the rural poor. Its aim is to overthrow the government. However, the government and the group have been making moves towards peace in recent years.

9. The country’s literacy rate in Colombia is 92.7%. Elementary education is compulsory by law.

10. Colombia celebrates two national holidays: Independence Day, July 20 (1810) and Battle of Boyaca, August 7 (1819). The Battle of Boyaca was when Colombia gained complete independence from the Spanish monarchy.


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