10 Interesting Facts About Turkey


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This is the series in which each week you can read ten facts about one of our destinations. This week we have beautiful Turkey.

Here are ten facts about Turkey

1. During the Middle Ages in the Ottoman Empire, Istanbul had more than 1,400 public toilets in the city, while there weren’t even any in Paris or any other European cities.

2. The gestures for `yes‘ and `no‘ can be quite puzzling in Turkey. `Yes‘ is achieved by raising your head up, while `no‘ is accomplished with an identical motion while lifting your eyebrows and clicking your tongue at the same time.

3. It’s not rare to see two men holding hands in Turkey, however, this doesn’t mean that they are homosexuals. It is normal for good friends to hold hands in Turkey. Also, men kiss on the cheek when they are greeting each other.

4. Staring is more common in Turkey than in other countries. If you find someone is staring at you in Turkey, it doesn’t mean they have a problem with you. They simply find you interesting.

5. The third oldest subway in the world is in Istanbul. It was completed in 1875, following London in 1863 and New York 1868.

6. Don’t use the American symbol for “OK” in Turkey (when your index finger forms a circle with your thumb). This symbol is actually an insult in the country.

7. The Turks introduced coffee to the rest of Europe. During the time of the Ottoman Empire it was given to the Italians by the Turks and began to spread. Interestingly, most Turks also drink 10 or more cups of tea a day.

8. Where did the bird, the turkey, get its name? It was a case of mistaken identity that resulted in the American bird (turkey) being named after the country of Turkey. The Spanish first transported turkeys to Engalnd from the Americas more than 400 years ago. The English incorrectly believed it was a bird they called the “turkey,” though really, it had just been traded through Turkey (as Turkey was one of the earliest trading hubs), but actually originated from Africa. The name stuck even when the English grasped the difference.

9. Turkey is bordered by three seas and eight countries. It is also the country with the most mosques per person.

10. Turks are very sociable. It is not strange for someone to start a conversation with a complete stranger and invite them to their home to continue talking while sipping some tea.


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