The 10 Safest Countries In The World


The Legatum Institute has released their yearly Prosperity Index which measures a country’s prosperity by using several factors besides just GDP. One of the factors includes safety & security which can be a significant variable in the lives of the country’s citizens. Here are the countries that were ranked with the highest safety ranking in 2013:

1. Hong Kong: Ranked as the safest country in 2013. Less than 1% of Hong Kong’s citizens reported being assaulted when they took the survey.

2. Iceland: Violent crimes are basically non exsistant in Iceland and people have been known to leave their bikes unlocked on the street because of how safe it is.

3. Sweden: People in Sweden really don’t have to worry about safety issues as long as they use common sense.

4. Finland: Finland has a very low rate of violent crimes. Most safety issues have to do with theft where 12.3% of the poeple reported having something stolen in the last year.

5. Ireland: Also a country with very low violent crimes and small theft issues.

6. Norway: 88.5% percent of Norway’s citizens feel safe walking at night.

7. Canada: Only 1.3% of people in Canada have been assaulted in the past year.

8. Denmark: Crime rates are very low in Denmark and overall the citizens feel very safe.

9. Taiwan: Taiwan has a very low rate of thefts and 74.5% of the people feel safe walking alone at night.

10. Luxembourg: Another safe country in Europe where only 12.4% of the people reported having somthing stolen.


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