10 Things You Thought You Were Too Old For


As we age, many of us feel that we outgrow certain things. Others might even tell you that that you are too old for this or that. Who says new tricks aren’t for older dogs? It’s never too late to start your life over—be it by moving overseas or taking up a new pastime.

The experts at Live and Invest Overseas suggest these as the top 10 things to try in life—no matter your age…

  1. To Join The Peace Corp


The Peace Corps has always been open to people of all ages. Currently, 7% of all volunteers are over 50 years old. Peace Corp officials would like to see that number continue to rise because older volunteers bring a wealth of experience to their assigned post.

  1. To Go Zip Lining Through A Jungle Canopy

ziplining 2

Zip lining is a thrill-ride for people of all ages. This sport can give you the adrenaline rush you crave while cradling you with plenty of safety gear.

  1. To Learn How To Dance


According to a 21-year study by the Albert Einstein College of Medicine, regular social dancing is one of the best ways to prevent memory loss (and can even help reduce it retroactively). The study uncovered that making the split-second decisions and movements that are necessary in social dancing increases neural network connectivity and overall intelligence. There’s an added benefit for the brain if you and your partner switch leading (your brain then has to work in reverse, translating all the steps you just learned into the mirror image of those same steps). And you’re never too old to begin taking classes (which are given all over the world).

  1. To Go Out On A Date

Affectionate old couple with the wife holding on lovingly to the husband's face. Focus on the husband's eyes. Concept: Elderly love.

You are never too old to go out on a date, get married, or celebrate your love for another. Getting to know someone new or trying out a new bar or restaurant is fun for all ages… And no one is ever too old to fall in love.

  1. To Ride Motorcycles


It doesn’t take much research to find groups of older people who take to the road on a motorcycle. There are so many that they have earned the nickname “Gray Riders.” There are motorcycle clubs all over the world—and they’re not the scary gatherings you may imagine. In almost every city in the world riders get together for Sunday rides, or beach outings, or cross-country trips, enjoying their hogs and the company the club provides. It’s also a great way to meet people with similar interests overseas.

  1. To Play Board Games


Playing board games has been shown to exercise your brain and keeps you socially active. It is a great way to spend time with friends and family.

  1. To Go A-Traveling

baby-boomer travel

Embrace new cultures, learn a new language, or just enjoy the scenery… Traveling can be exhausting, but the rewards are invaluable.

  1. To Follow Your Dreams

Ed Whitlock 

Whatever your pipe dream may be, give it a go! At 69, Canadian Ed Whitlock of Ontario, Canada, became the oldest person to run a standard marathon in under three hours. At 72, Margaret Ringenberg flew around the world. At 79, Asa Long became the oldest U.S. checkers champion.


  1. To Start A New Venture

Col Sanders

Col. Harland Sanders started KFC at the age of 62. The Kauffman Foundation reports entrepreneurial activity and the number of new entrepreneurs between the ages of 55 and 64 is rising steadily. If you worked your whole career for someone else or in an industry that you weren’t passionate about, what better time than your golden years to awaken that interest and seize it.

  1. To Retire Overseas

Retire overseas

The number of Americans seeking retirement across their borders is rising steadily every year. Millions of Americans are already enjoying the best years of their life at bargain budgets all around the world. Would you be happier overseas? There’s only one way to find out.







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