10 World-Class Fishing Destinations


Sportfishing is a popular sport worldwide and can be enjoyed anywhere with a coastline—all you need is a boat and a rod. Whether you are a casual angler or an avid sportfisher, the world’s best fishing spots will have something for you…

Here are the Live and Invest Overseas picks for the top ten places to drop a line during your retire overseas adventure:

Baja, Mexico

Superb fishing in Mexico

  1. Mexico

For fishing in Mexico, our favorite spot is Puerto Vallarta, where the sport is top-notch year-round. With trophy-size marlin, sailfish, mahi-mahi, and tuna, among many others, a Vallarta fisherman seldom goes home empty-handed.

And after your day on the water, the city offers a delectable variety of restaurants and nightlife for any age. The Malecón is famous for its collection of artwork, lining the boardwalk for over a mile.

Bluefin Tuna

Tuna Coast, Azuero Peninsula, Panama

  1. Azuero Coast, Panama

Panama’s Azuero Peninsula, also known as “the tuna coast,” is a relatively unknown fishing spot, but it won’t be kept a secret much longer. This region of Panama has a reputation for the best fishing anywhere on the Pacific coast of Central America, and, as an emerging real estate investment location, more and more people come to this little corner of Panama every year.

  1. Pedasí, Panama

Once a sleepy little fishing village, Pedasí has become a mecca for anglers, surfers, and investors. The deep waters run close to the coast here and the fishing is phenomenal.

Isla Coiba, Panama

Coiba National Park, Panama

  1. Isla Coiba and Hannibal Bank, Panama 

Once an infamous penal colony, Coiba Island is now a national park and wildlife sanctuary on the western coast of the Azuero Peninsula. This is a high-traffic area for fish of all kinds and this little area of water is often called “fisherman’s nirvana.” Because Coiba is located just a few miles from the drop of the continental shelf, inshore and offshore fishing is readily available. The waters here are teeming with black marlin, sailfish, dorado, snapper and of course, tuna—but you can’t just sail in and drop line off the coast of this protected island. To fish in these special waters, you’ll need a permit that will allow you to fish for a week off the coast of the island (US$50), but you can’t keep what you catch. This is a national reserve, after all, so all fishing off Coiba is catch and release.

Nearby Hannibal bank, though, offers just about the same fishing and no permit is required. Fish caught here can be kept and cooked.

Sword Fishing In Belize

Fishing off Ambergris Caye, Belize

  1. Belize

The tiny English-speaking nation of Belize is better known for diving on the world’s second-largest reef, but sportfishing is also excellent here. Belize has everything the saltwater angler wants… including things that just can’t be found elsewhere: permit, tarpon, and bonefish, all in massive numbers.

Striped Blue Marlin

Fishing off the Dominican Republic

  1. Dominican Republic 

The Dominican Republic hosts international billfish tournaments each year—world records swim these waters. In fact, the world record was set by an 850 pound blue marlin caught here. Solid fishing year-round for white and blue marlin, tuna, sailfish, dorado, and speedy wahoo.

Fishing the beach in  Honduras

Surf fishing in Honduras

  1. Honduras 

This Central American hideaway borders two oceans. Tarpon and snook fishing from Brus Laguna, a tiny jungle outpost on the Caribbean coast, is among the world’s best. San Lorenzo along the Pacific coast, offers the angler a deep-water game fishing experience.

Dorado fish

Dorado Fish Nicaragua

  1. Nicaragua

The San Juan River basin in Nicaragua is home to a great number of non-migrant tarpon that stay year-round in this fishermen’s paradise. The best fishing months here are March through May and September through November.

Sailfish feeding frenzy

Sailfish feeding

  1. The Philippines 

Not only is the Philippines an archipelago made up of 7,107 islands, making it an ideal fishing base, it also lies along the open-ocean route of some of the world’s most sought-after game fishes. These waters are inhabited by about 2,400 fish species, including many game fish such as giant tuna, tanguigue (Spanish mackerel), king mackerel, great barracuda, swordfish, and marlin. Prime time for game fishing is March through April (but since all these little islands can have different seasons and weather patterns, seasons can change even from island to island).               
Despite commercial fishing on local stocks, the Cebu area can still provide satisfying, and sometimes downright adventurous fishing. Local fish you could expect to catch in Mactan Island include trevally (mamsa), Spanish mackerel, different varieties of tuna (including bonito, yellow fin, bigeye, and dogtooth), barracuda, dorado, and wahoo.

Vietnamese fishing boat

Private fishing tour, Vietnam

  1. Vietnam

With its long coastline and abundance of rivers and lakes, Vietnam presents many opportunities and settings for different types of fishing. Common fish species include varieties of snapper and marlin, shark and tuna are also abundant.

Deep-sea fishing tours can be organized on-the-spot with local fishermen, or through organized tour groups. The best areas for deep-sea fishing are the towns along the south central coastline between Phan Tiet and Quy Nhon. Many tour companies operate out of the resort towns and can organize trips to uninhabited islands off the coast.

Private island fishing

Vietnamese fishing trip


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