11-Year-Old Travel Blogger Telling It How It Is


Children have a knack for telling the truth as it is, as honest as it may be. Meet 11-year-old travel blogger Ayonnah Tinsley. She has been making a name for herself as perhaps the youngest travel critic in the industry.

Ayonnah is the founder of YaYa Stars, a kid-friendly online travel review website. She has been featured on NBC, the Washington Post, and Huffington Post. Her website recieves between 25,000 and 75,000 hiuts per month, and the Internet is abuzz with her reviews.

“I discovered a toothpick inside one of the French fries,” she notes in her  Disney World restaurant review. “However, the decor was outstanding.”

On Panama: “In Pacora (small town where my family lives at) there was tons of guava, mango, and papaya trees, so me and my cousins took sticks and whacked them out of their trees so we can eat them and they were delicious.”

On Naples and Rome: “First I want to talk about food. Calamari is delicious! If you knew what you were eating you would probably think twice before you eat it. Squid, you would be eating squid.

On a Carnival Cruise: “No it is not just a cruise when all you do is just sit in a beach chair and just watch the sea. You get to eat ice cream anytime you want along with a buffet.”

On Lego Land: “The cafe was not half bad either with the cookies they have made.”

On the Ritz Carleton’s teddy bear cookie: “The cookie was unpleasantly lemony luckily the raspberry jam saved the day and reserved all the sourness and the cookie began to balance its flavors.”


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