5 Best Fishing Destinations In The Western Hemisphere


Looking for some fisher-friendly waters to drop your line? These are five of the best fishing destinations west of the prime meridian.


Fishing in Panama

Panama is home to some of the best big-game fishing in the world. The tropical waters around the isthmus are replete with black marlin, yellowfin tuna, wahoo, snook, and snapper. Unlike many other premium sportfishing spots, Panama is still relatively quiet. In fact, you are likely to be the only boat at your given spot on any day of the season.

Choose from excursions around Coiba, Boca Chica, or the famous Tropic Star Lodge in the Darien Jungle.


Fishing in Argentina

If fly fishing is more your bag, try Argentina’s Patagonia. In the cold-water rivers of Patagonia, the trout bite like they’ve never seen a streamer. There’s good fishing throughout the season, and, on top of the wading, you’ll enjoy Patagonia’s untouched beauty and unique wildlife.


Fishing in Mexico

Puerto Vallarta offers excellent sportfishing throughout the year.  The tropical seas off Puerta Vallarta are home to hordes of billfish, mahi mahi, and tuna. There are a number of excellent fishing charter services here and plenty of experienced guides to bring you up to speed on the local environment.


Fishing in Belize

A day on the reef is a great family trip. Spend the day reef fishing in Belize and you are almost guaranteed a catch. The Belize Barrier Reef is made up of seven marine reserve areas, though, and some species are protected, so make sure you’re not breaking any rules and are carrying all the right permits.

The Dominican Republic

Fishing in the Dominican Republic

The north coast of the Dominican Republic is a fishing enthusiast’s paradise. Home to some of the Caribbean’s largest sportfishing competitions, between the Caribbean and Atlantic seas, the Mona Passage is famous for the size of its fish. In the Dominican Republic, it’s possible to catch white marlin, sailfish, dorado, and any number of other big-game fish.


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