Berlin Named Most Fun City — Edges Out London And Paris


Berlin has been ranked the most fun city among 1,800 cities, according to a poll of travelers. The ranking’s categories involve, bars, clubs, adult entertainment, and activities. Factors such as the average price of beer and whether or not public drinking is permitted were also accounted for.

The Telegraph‘s Adrian Bridge, a former foreign correspondent, recently described Berlin as “possibly the coolest place on the planet,” following a recent visit. Bridge marked Berlin as a city that offers many journeys within, saying, “There is the Berlin of great culture, of grand opera houses and masterful orchestral maneuvers; the Berlin of artistic genius and the treasures of antiquity captured in the bust of a still fresh-faced Queen Nefertiti.”

Berlin did not actually finish on top of any major category, as London’s concerts and clubs, New York’s activities, and Tokyo’s bars and shops were all ranked as the world’s best. The reason Berlin stole the show was its high ranking across the board, warranting the number-one spot overall. Berlin did rank highest of the top 25 cities with cheapest beer.

Eight of the top ten cities are in Europe, while there are some surprises featured in the top 25, including Dubai, New Delhi, and Moscow. Central and South America did not pose so well, with only two cities, Buenos Aires and Rio de Janeiro, reaching the top 25.

The survey was commissioned by travel review website GetYourGuide and booking agent GoEuro. It was based on an analysis of data from various websites, such as TripAdvisor and Yelp, and a poll of almost 2,000 travelers. This particular poll has caused some patriotic critics to show their discontent with the order, as many have accused that bias was involved given that GoEuro is based in Berlin.


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