Businesses in Favor of Uber


Panamanian private sector representatives are defending the mode of operations of Uber, who announced the launch of its corporate transportation service in Panama City.

As in Costa Rica, the arrival of Uber has generated resistance among traditional public transport sectors, such as taxis. However, Panamanian businessmen believe, like the vast majority of companies in Costa Rica and other countries where Uber is already operating, that space should be given to Uber for the private transport service to operate without government hindrance.

The president of the Chamber of Commerce, Industries and Agriculture of Panama, Carlos Fernandez, dismissed the illegality of the service provided by the company Uber in Panama, considering that it is a service which is provided privately. The technology is imminent. A system like Uber is fabulous to have in the city. This does not represent unfair competition, it does not present any danger to selective transport in Panama.

Statements from leading business associations coincided with the launch in Panama of Uber for Business, a program focusing on corporate transportation services with which companies can manage transport required by their partners or employees, according to a statement by Uber.


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