Chavez Returns To Venezuela


“We have arrived back in the Venezuelan fatherland. Thanks, my God! Thanks, my beloved people! Here we will continue the treatment,” Chavez said via Twitter after landing.

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez has returned to the country after receiving treatment for cancer in Cuba. However, his aides stress that his condition remains “complex.”

The true extent of Chavez’s illness has been a mystery but it is certainty serious. He currently is unable to speak on his own. Although supporters will be encouraged that he was able to take a flight.

There are also few details regarding his treatment, although Vice-President Nicolas Maduro has described it as “extremely complex and tough”.

Maduro has effectively been running Venezuela since Chavez went to Cuba, and the opposition has demanded clarity about who is in control.

Chavez was moved instantly to a military hospital in Caracas where supporters began to gather. They chanted “We are Chavez!” and “He’s back, he’s back!” to the point that medical staff had to come out and ask them to quiet down.


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