Chinese Media Expands in Africa


The most recent addition to Chinese media expansion into the continent is the China’s most read English newspaper, China Daily. It has recently inaugurated an African edition to be sold in Nairobi, Kenya.

China Daily now joins two other Chinese companies that are making business in Kenya. The China Central Television company broadcasted earlier this year. Xinhua has made a partnership with Safaricom, a Kenyan mobile firm, to provide new mobile devices. the China Central Television company and Xinhua.

At a conference at Oxford University, Chinese representatives have claimed that their purpose is to compete with global news players such as CNN and Al Jazeera. They aim to concentrate on more positive news instead of the usual concentration on political crises and sensational negative news like famines. Instead they want to concentrate on African economic and social achievements. It is they say an attempt to change Africa’s global image as a continent with endless wars, hunger, and HIV.


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