Corsican Dream Properties Turn To Dust


Corsica, seemingly the perfect place for a second home or holiday rental; beautiful beaches, turquoise seas, mountain forests, vineyards, history, fantastic food, and ancient markets…perhaps one of France’s most perfectly packaged Mediterranean islands. But all is not well in paradise – the idyllic picture of peace and serenity has a problem that has been brewing for many years but has recently bubbled up, again, and explosively, to the surface. The Fronte di Liberazione Naziunale di a Corsica (FLNC, or National Liberation Front of Corsica) has destroyed more than 30 homes on the island in less than three months.

The FLNC’s objective is independence from France and autonomy for the Corsican people. Their main target is luxury beach villas, in most cases when they are empty. This month retired Parisian banker, and Corsican property developer, Alain Lefebvre, plus six guests staying with him at his luxury villa, were marched out of the villa by FLNC members and forced to watch as the villa was blown up before their eyes. Lefebvre and his guests were left unharmed. Later that same week two of Lefebvre’s rental villas on the beach at Balistra were blown up.

The FLNC formed in 1976, since then they have waged numerous attacks on island properties owned by immigrants. Monsieur Lefebvre had recently gained permission to build six new luxury holiday homes. According to local media reports the FLNC said, “Foreigners have built more than 4,500 homes on the island in one year, and we will not stand for it. Their behavior dispossesses and marginalizes the Corsican people.” Tourist companies have been quick to point out that the FLNC does not target traditional village houses…and that tourists will be quite safe. Retirees and investors, on the other hand, take note…


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