Costa Rica Dropped From List Of Most Ethical Countries


Costa Rica is normally a regular on the yearly rankings of the World’s 10 Best Ethical Destinations released by Ethical Traveler – they’ve held a spot on the list since 2010.

But the 2014 rankings were recently released and Costa Rica was nowhere to be found.

The rankings take into account environmental protection, social welfare and human rights. For each of these categories researchers look at information from the past and present to see how countries have changed over time and are actively improving the state of their people, government and environment. (Ethical Traveler)

Costa Rica was criticized this year on a few things including right violations to indigenous groups and the LGBT community, a drop from fifth to 54th in the Environmental Performance Index, and mass turtle deaths due to longline fishing. (Skift)

“We want to stress that Costa Rica should see this as an encouragement to continue improving in all areas,” Natalie Lefevre and Jeff Greenwald, two of the report’s researchers, wrote to The Tico Times. “Costa Rica has been a regular on the list and if these issues are addressed, there is a good chance it will make next year’s list again.”

Here are the countries that made the top 10 list for 2014:

1. The Bahamas
2. Barbados
3. Cape Verde
4. Chile
5. Dominica
6. Latvia
7. Lithuania
8. Mauritius
9. Palau
10. Uruguay


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Joey Bonura

Joey Bonura is from Louisville, Kentucky and moved to Panama more than two years ago to finish his degree in International Business. He enjoyed the hot tropical weather and the lifestyle on offer in Panama City so much that he decided to make this his permanent residence.