Costa Rica Internet Speed Suffers From Lack Of Investment


Costa Rica continues to suffer from a lack of investment in basic infrastructure.

According to a recent report on the state of the Internet undertaken by cloud services provider Akamai Technologies, the county ranks far behind most of its Latin American neighbors in terms of Internet speed.

Costa Rica produces a number of goods and services related to digital and communications technology, and indeed Akamai is just one of the communication technology corporations currently building a service center in the country. However, despite promoting itself internationally as a center of outsourced business services, the report shows that 86% of Costa Rican connections are less than 4 Mbps.

Currently the average Internet speed is a mere 2.8 Mbps, falling far below the world average. Costa Rica comes in at number 94 in the international rankings of Internet speed, lower than nine other Latin American countries and just edging out Bolivia, Paraguay, and Venezuela.

Within the Americas, Canada has both the highest average connection speed at 6.3 Mbps and the highest peak connection speed at 21.5 Mbps, while Argentina had the lowest average connection speed at 1 Mbps and the lowest peak connection speed at 6.6 Mbps.

Internationally, South Korea, Japan, and Hong Kong maintain a long-term lead in average connection speeds.



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