Ecuadorian Ambassador Fights Two Women


The Peruvian government has requested for the Ecuadorian ambassador, Rodrigo Riofrio, to be removed from his Lima post.

He allegedly hit a Peruvian mother and daughter in a supermarket scuffle in Lima after he accused them of cutting the line. The daughter had also allegedly first slapped Riofrio’s wife after she insulted the Peruvian women.

“Information from official sources warrants the request to the government of Ecuador to consider the removal of its ambassador from Peru,” Minister of Foreign Affairs Rafael Roncagliolo stated on Tuesday.

Riofrio has issued a statement apologizing for the episode after the story was broadcast by local television program Dia D, but said he “doesn’t accept the versions of the incident as presented by some of the press,” according to daily El Comercio.

The Peruvian government has stated that the “excellent level” of relations between Ecuador and Peru will not be affected by the incident.


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