Elections Held In Europe


Europeans have participated in one of the world’s largest democratic exercises and have elected the 751-seat parliament for the European Union.

The results indicate a gain for far-right as well as hard-left political parties, with them picking up approximately 142 seats and doubling their representation. Surprisingly, far-right Euroskeptic parties made larger-than-expected gains in the UK and France. Despite their losses, the three major pro-EU parties still hold a majority of the seats. Turnout across Europe went up slightly to 43.1%.

Meanwhile, elections were held amid instability in Ukraine, where chocolate tycoon and billionaire, Petro Poroshenko, has been elected president with over 50% of the votes. While turnout in western Ukraine was reported by election monitors to be high, turnout in the crisis-stricken east was reported to be low or nonexistent in some areas.

Following the weekend elections, European stock markets were up, signaling continued investor confidence.

For in depth European Parliament election results, visit http://www.elections2014.eu/en


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