Entrepreneur Develops Food-Based Neighborhood


Cedric Naudon is a wealthy French entrepreneur with a penchant for fine food. Nothing notable there— French foodies are a dime a dozen. But unlike most those other foodies, Naudon owns half of a neighborhood in Paris, and his plans for the area would make anyone’s mouth water.

Naudon’s plan for the neighborhood, as featured in The New York Times, is to turn the area into an epicurean village called La Jeune Rue (Young Street).

Developed with the help of an international team of designers, the plans include a butchery, a cheesemonger, an organic bakery, an oyster bar, a fishmonger, ethnic restaurants, and a clique of neighborhood mainstays. The butchery will include a library to allow patrons to read all about the cuts on offer.

While many in Paris look forward to the reviving of the neighborhood’s image, others fear that the chic aspect of Naudon’s plan will drive away the lower and middle class residents. The neighborhood includes several public housing units.

Recent property price trends in Paris have driven working-class folk from the city, with a 30% spike in prices during the past five years and a drop in working-class population from 40% to 27% during the same period.

The cost of the project is not being revealed by Naudon, keeping with the mysterious character he presents to the public.

Nonetheless, Naudon claims that gentrification  in the area is unavoidable. He points out that at least his plans are ecologically ethical (sourcing only from French farmers and promoting the principle of zero waste), and that his project should create more than 200 jobs.

Naudon is energetic about the prospects of his concept, saying, “Finally, we are going to have the ideal street in Paris.”


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