Expat Sentenced To 40 Lashes


A Qatari court has sentenced an expat from an unknown Asian country to 40 lashes for drinking alcohol.

“As a Muslim, the sharia applies in his case,” explained the Al-Sharq Daily. This refers to the Islamic law that forbids alcohol consumption and is the main foundation of legislation in Qatar.

The barber by trade was arrested after irritating his domestic worker by tossing at her a scrap of paper on which he scrawled his phone number. He was drunk when the police arrived.

Additionally, the man was fined 500 rials (US$135) for causing the disturbance with the worker.

Alcohol intake is forbidden in Qatar, except in hotels and for non-Muslims who acquire special permits.

In Qatar, the average income per capita is US$88,222 a year. This figure is nearly double the United States’ income levels. Once one of the poorest states in the Middle East, Qatar has been transformed by its natural gas and oil reserves. Today it is the richest country in the world.


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