Festival Of The Flowers In Medellin


Dating back to 1957, Medellin‘s Festival of the Flowers is an annual event that is fit for the family. Activities during the festival include a pageant, an automobile show, a horse parade, and musical concert. Colombians as well as tourists enjoy the festivities.

The flower designs are bright and beautiful. Here is some of what Live and Invest Overseas correspondent Larry Rose captured with his camera at this year’s Festival of the Flowers.

festival of the flowersDragon Fly with Energy Clean and sufficient EPM buildings to the rear.

festival of the flower

festival of the flowersA tiger made of flowers

festival of the flowersCasa Madera Exhibiton Hall as backdrop to Gigantes Animales

Casa Madera Exhibiton Hall as backdrop to Gigantes AnimalesIguanita (little lizard) and to the right is the new concert hall, Teatro Metropolitano

festival of the flowersColorful displays are a photographer’s delight

festival of the flowersColorful displays of all sorts of animals are included

festival of the flowersAn orange frog is one of the many colorful flower displays


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