Fine On ‘Excessive’ Exposure In South Korea


A law has been passed to impose fines on those who participate in “excessive” public exposure. The process was finalized at a Cabinet meeting presided over by South Korean President Park Geun-hye.

The decree is expected to go into effect starting March 22. The fine for the offense is 50,000 won.

The government stated that people can be fined if they uncover their naked body or expose any part of their body which should otherwise be concealed.

“If their indecent exposure provokes shameful feelings and discomfort to others, they can be fined 50,000 won,” said police in a statement.

However, there has been no further government elaboration on this so it seems there is much confusion over what is now illegal.

The announcement has been met with outrage and ridicule. Many citizens claim the law reminds them of the authoritarian era and the similar restrictions on skirt lengths in the 1970’s under the rule of the late President Park Chung-hee.

“What can I do now if I am fined 50,000 won?” twitted Kwak Hyun-hwa, a female comedian, with a photo of her wearing a sleeveless dress. Meanwhile, a young female swimmer asked her twitter followers if they thought she would still be able to use her swimming costume.

Kim Seong-hyun, the leader of the Progressive Justice Party’s Gyeonggi Province office, stated, “I am disappointed that the government approved the excessive exposure bill at its first Cabinet meeting at the time of a security crisis. I need a government which I can rely on!”


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