French Farmers Throw 200,000 Eggs In Protest


Denis Foynes – A group of French farmers objecting to falling egg prices has sworn to break 100,000 eggs every day for the rest of the week.

They stated that current prices do not atone for rising production costs or new investments required by EU law.

So far, two batches have been broken. One was smashed outside a supermarket in Côtes d’Armor and the other batch was broken near a Brittany tax office.

One shopkeeper in the town complained, “The mess and the smell is dreadful, but they are making their point.”

100,000 eggs equates to 5% of a day produce of the union. They believe the European Union has 15 to 20 million surplus laying hens out of a total of around 350 million.

“We are at our wits’ end,” stated the spokesman. “We’re ready to give these eggs to developing countries, but they cannot stay on French territory.”

French farmers are well known for their unique style of protesting. Last month farmers marches thousands of cows, pigs, and sheep through the streets of Paris to protest against falling meat prices.


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